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Our hospital and healthcare cleaning service helps prevent the spread of infection in hospitals and healthcare settings in hospitals, clinics and surgeries. We also offer specialist clinical waste disposal services.

All our cleaning teams are trained in preventing infection through good practice and are experienced in cleaning every element of your premises, from surgical theatres to general wards.

Trained cleaning staff

We train all our cleaning staff in the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) through good practice. Our team has a good working knowledge and understanding of cross contamination and how to prevent the spread of infection within a healthcare environment.

Cleaning methods

Our specialist cleaning teams use specially designed wet and dry cleaning methods to maintain cleaning standards. They’re also trained in prevention techniques, such as isolation cleaning and hand hygiene, to help prevent the spread of infection.

Cleaning high-risk clinical areas

All our staff comply with rules set by hospitals around cleaning very high risk, high-risk, significant risk and low risk areas.
We work with each individual trust to identify all risk categories, including:

  • surgical theatres
  • endoscopy
  • toilets and bathrooms
  • general wards
  • public thoroughfares
  • day activity areas, and
  • rehabilitation areas.

Waste disposal

All our staff are trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They also know how to safely dispose of all types of waste, including:

  • sharps
  • offensive waste, and
  • general waste.